About That True Cross?

This blog’s sub-title is a warning about taking care what you worship.  While I did some weekend grocery shopping this weekend, a chatty man in line in front of us kept talking to me about the stack of sweets he was buying “for Fellowship tomorrow morning”.  He meant Sunday, of course.  I was a bit mystified why he was so cheerily companionably chatty to me – a perfect stranger.  Walking past the jewelry counter on my way out, I caught my own reflection – ah, it was a “failure of attention to detail” I think.  I was wearing a silver necklace from a dear friend in Ireland.

2016-11-19-0001It was made for me by a silversmith there in the “olde country” of Ireland.  A place that knows lots about crosses, crucifixes, and women.  I wear this necklace because as near as I can tell about years of studying, observing, or trying to practice, (and finally running away from at all possible speed) the only ones I can tell you for sure get crucified practically daily ARE women.

If being a Christian means following Christ, some logical constructs would say that means following him to the cross?  Most women’s lives would make them Christian as all get out by that definition.  They suffer, they self-sacrifice, they bear the load for sinning men ALL the time.  I cannot be Christian, I never “found” Jesus.  I found Marian Catholicism and the idea of a nigh divine Female was what lit the candles in my brain.

Soon we will be inundated by stories of Mary’s “submission” to the Divine.  We will be told how perfect she was doing so.  To me, that part of the story always sounded like an abuse of power — I mean, for pity’s sake, even in the old ancient pantheon tales — everyone knew girls who told gods “No” didn’t fare very well.   Women have been being told to submit to presumably more holy dicks <snerk> ever since.  If the “only” divinity still “standing” is male, “Hey Girlie,” you better be f’ing submissive or else.

Women are already being given plenty of messages about how submissive they need to be or else in Trump’s America.  A woman in a headscarf for health reasons, not religion, has her car vandalized in a national park.  No, the misogynistic bigots are not emboldened at all by the election of someone who likely thinks the height of charm is groping you in the elevator.  Every woman in America should wear a headscarf.  There should be a day or a week picked — and every woman should wear a headscarf.  Or maybe it should be utterly random?  What if every American woman just picked two or three days of the month to wear a headscarf?  Would it confuse the bigots, the idiots?  I know pagan women of some goddess-centric traditions who both scarf and veil.  I often wrap my head and neck in one of many scarves I own because of my cold-plagued touchy fused vertibrae.  How long before some jerk tries to put me on his personal cross for doing so?

Well, hey, I’ve got the necklace for that.  And some pointy boots I know how to use.



Birthday Month

artsy pink meMy birthday is this month. I am an official old broad – being over 60. Oddly, personally, I don’t consider over 60 to be really old.  This is likely because when I was very young – say 15 to 22 – I spent a good deal of my time with several women who were really old.  All were past their 80th year!  I adored all of them, too; I did chores, cleaning, shopping, cooking and lots of precious talking with them.  The things they taught me got me through some very tough times and prepared me in advance for other tough times.

So, to celebrate my birthday month, sitting on the doorstep of old age?  Every day this month, I am going to pass on a few things I’ve learned in living 63 years!  Mind you, I don’t know that I have anything as profound to offer as those very aged ladies I was so privileged to know in my youth.

Today?  I want to share a quote not from my personal little old lady icons, but from my favorite novelist, Doris Lessing: “And then, not expecting it, you become middle-aged and anonymous. No one notices you. You achieve a wonderful freedom.”  That is an ideal I have held to since my 50’s.  The idea of age becoming a freedom!  But HecateDemeter is right, there is a dark side and you need to read about it. Be invisible only when and if you like — but never be silenced!

Oh, and those fancy hot packs full of rice or buckwheat husks that you warm up so toastily in the microwave oven?  They are terrific, aren’t they?  I do love them.  However, there is a very old school me who knows that microwaves don’t help much if the power is out.  So, my personal tidbit learned over my life?  Keep an old-style hot water bottle that can be filled with hot water heated on a propane/gas stove!  

P.S. That pink dress?  It is now purple, i.e. you DO NOT have to take things as they come – you can change them!