Daylight (Sort Of) Shots

I’ve been waiting for a sparkly cold clear day to take pictures of the re-decorated windows. I don’t think they are coming before New Year’s Day…if then.

2016-12-23_18691Today was SO dark that the windows didn’t even look like daylight at 0800!  Any hint of brightness was appreciated on this very dull rainy Northwestern day.  So the rams with red glowing bulbs overhead looked properly Yulish – even if the birch curtains mean the hummingbirds can’t see the red and attack the window!

2016-12-23_18704-1The larger living room window looked dull all day — until afternoon when the pale winter sun dropped below the heavy cloud cover and made the snowflakes look icy bright!  As you can see, it is clearly “light” outdoors still, it still is very dark and the icicle lights helped with the illumination.  They come on with a timer at around three o’clock….so even though the Solstice has come, we are not yet seeing much more bright daylight.

A Star, A Star…Dancing in the Night

gold-star…or words to that effect!  It is dark by barely after 1600.  I need all the light I can get, so I did drive myself to decorate for Yule even in my election-night-shocked state this year.  The lights come on before the full outdoor light fails; and we settle into the home comforts of winter cozy.

Tomorrow, I will begin baking — shortbreads and sugar cookies, and something extravagant and as-yet-un-planned involving peanut butter.  A stout cake will be tinned away for the Yule Eve celebration.   We will muse over holidays past and our hopes for the future over golden glasses of home made mead.  We will welcome friends and nurture others shocked and worried over the effect of electing a racist, misogynist not-so-great-pumpkin as POTUS.

The pale cold winter sun will light up my window, done in what I call my “blood on the snow” decoration theme.


Of course, I had to play with the Prism application for fun!  We have filled this window with ornaments ever since we first moved to this house in 1987 — but only the last two years have featured only silver, white, and red ornaments that sparkle even without electric lights during the day.  Some cold, wet afternoon soon, we will watch our holiday standard: The Hogfather by Sir Terry Pratchett!  I’ve not decided if I will make a pork pie to have for supper that night, but it is a possibility!

Ignore 75% of the news for a while.  Yes, the world is going to change and likely not for the better after January 20th.  But until then?  Find family and friends, embrace and comfort them.  Eat too many cookies.  Dance to holiday music.  Hide a present or two.  Feed the birds, walk in the snow!  Make everything your eye falls upon as beautiful and life-affirming as you can.

Be the light in the winter darkness!