Wednesday Woo – and Tarot Bonus

Some years back, after President Obama’s second election victory, but after it became clear that a terrible racial and political backlash was threatening all progress, I engaged in something risky and foolish.  I tried to launch something akin to what Adept Dion Fortune did in Britain in WWII– launch a sort of magical counter-movement.  I got no takers and much criticism for the very “presumptuous” idea.  Nonetheless, I (in this case unwisely) persisted.  First, I experimented with astral travel to explore the “temple” built by Fortune’s group of occult workers.  I found enough with my sparse energy and skills to convince me it did exist, that it was real.

Why was I wrong?  Because at the same time in my life, I was challenged with a foundering marriage and PTSD issues of the mate AND my own.  I was at the low point of my adult life and I still wanted to play white magical knight?  Yes, yes, I can be a totally moronic idealist at times.   I learned much.  My efforts were not so much a failure as inadequate to the need; after about four months, I fell ill.  I sporadically kept up the effort for another year, and then; due to other physical issues not related to my energy work, I got REALLY ill.  I quit and put aside the book in which I kept track of my efforts.  It really was a sort of a Don Quixote mode, and I should never have taken it on all solo.

fullsizerenderToday, I got that book out again and wrote out notes on a tarot spread done to determine the needs of a new effort.  At last, not feeling completely alone and also in good health – mental, emotional, and physical – the Magical Battle for America is to be joined.  I am not sure quite how this will be done yet, but I have chosen to go with this, secrets in the open perhaps for those with the ability to read?  I began with a tarot spread to determine my needs in my effort to join with other practitioners to mount a magical resistance to preserve America from a crowd of venal, greedy, racist, misogynistic, religiously biased, spiritually constipated AMATEURS who are the current Administration.

I used my new Minoan Tarot deck and a Tree of Life spread.  It told me much I needed to know, but did not tell me to not try it.  Briefly, below, my read of the cards — not entirely analyzing all the linkages here, but hitting the high points of the new government Administration setting off my mental alarms, demanding I take action on every front:

#1 The Query’s Reason – (why I am asking).  Youth of Labryses, reversed. A card signifying lies for approval and as foundation, telling me of an amateur who lies to gain place and power – I think this card represents Steve Bannon.  The “fool” line connects to

#2 -Forces at Work – the Major Arcana16, the Tower also reversed, signifying a holding on to that which is already hopelessly fallen – in this case, old white guys demanding the past “good old days” be revived for their profit and comfort, regardless of the cost to the rest of the world. The “empress” line (female political power)crosses to

#3 Deeper Query – the Youth of Horns – and here is the President, not young, obviously — but a youth in experience of government, another amateur; this one financially motivated and inexperienced and connected to the card connoting Bannon by the “magician” line — signaling in this case an unhealthy “follower” relationship to the “idea man” Bannon.

#4 Projected development – the Maid of Rhytons – since this reading is to show me where I want to go, this card talks for first time of how to get there.  It suggests I must be guided my my own oft-mistrusted intuition and empathy, using my own inner voice as guide.  The “strength” line connects to card

#5 -Energy of Querent (me) – Major Arcana 9 Labyrinth (Hermit) – reinforces command to go within and mayhap USE my own Labyrinth in my efforts.  So, even as one of a group, I suspect I may be rather solitary?

#6 Saving Grace – Ace of Labryses – a new beginning needs logical rational work, and a willingness to examine and shake up not only ideas, but ideals in my tasking.  The “death” line of transformation connects to card

#7 Relationships encountered – Seven of Rhytons – suggesting I reward of emotional drive and operative pipe dreams, not only in others I suspect, but in myself.  The “Tower” line crosses to the next card, with a hint of knocking down those emotive drives for a colder rationality.

#8 Feelings of Querent – Lord of Labryses – telling me I feel deciding and active, my opinions here have knowledge to back them up; so I am not all fluffy bits of dream.

#9 Thoughts of Querent – Ten of Horns – an admission of my need to count on a sturdy physical base of operations, financial security and a home to operate from safely, securely.

#10 Physical Manifestation – Major Arcana #5 The Adept – (The Lady) I will seek knowledge – arcane/occult at need to re-create balance and harmony that seems to be draining out of America right now.  I must become adept….

#11 Secret Knowledge Needed – Major Arcana 13 Death – Ok, I admit it, I took a deep breath seeing this card as the secret.  Some, yes, would read it as a direct warning that I could be risking my life.  But I’ve see the Death card in so many layouts in my life and I am still here!  It really IS the card of transformation — I am seeing this working to EFFECT transformation; one should expect personal transformation in the process.  BE the change you wish to see in the world!

So, onward, braced and informed of what I need to pay attention to as I go forward…here we go.


A question for others?  Do you, if you do energy/magic work, do tarot before a working to get a forecast of how your planned action will go?



Remnants and Resistance Round My Neck – From Bowling Green to Reality?

Being a humanistic pagan who wonders (as she wanders) whether what is commonly called magic is not a lost art/ability of human kind, I do engage in experimentation. Perhaps it is mere wishfulness? Perhaps it really sets something in motion in the real world?  It is certainly more honest and thoughtful than most of what I see coming out of T-45’s White House.  He thinks mere saying something makes it so; I am nowhere near so naive as that.

As alchemy grew into modern chemistry, I wonder if certain forms of magic didn’t somehow miss a cue to grow into something?  So I “play” from time to time, sometimes getting completely un-repeatable results (of course!) and other times not being sure of any result.  Unlike those pagans so sure magic is potent enough that I should NEVER do what I am uncertain of for fear of releasing something Chulthulu-like into the world, I do not believe I have anything to lose OR fear by my attempts.

corvettineSo when something synchronistic happens?  I feel the need to experiment.  Yesterday, my Minotaur husband gave me an early 40th Anniversary gift, since I gave him his gift early, too.  Mine was a pretty pendant made of what is called “Detroit Agate” or “Fordite” — it is the multi-hued hardened enamel paint prised off automotive paint lines.  Mine came from a Corvette* line in Bowling Green, Kentucky!  BINGO! (*Since I am not a huge Ford fan, I prefer to say my pendant is made of Corvettine!)

But looking at it, I knew it needed a chain to wear it round my neck and resolved to make one.  When I make jewelry, it often has a ritual or magical significance; I find pretty things used often a marvelous focal point for “things I want changed”!  The moon is waxing at the moment and the ground outside is covered in a layer of thick pure white snow — such a mental canvas to imagine upon, eh?  I am a physical sort, merely lighting candles with intention never feels enough to me.

I went to my altar and took five little bi-cone bead bracelets down.  They were in colors emblematic of the four archetypal elements: green (Earth- material powers), blue (Water- emotive powers), red (Fire-intention, passion), yellow (Air- thought and clarity) and a final nigh colorless bead for that elusive “fifth” called “aether” or “will” or “spirit”.  As I wired each bead, I absolutely fumed with magical intention based on the quality symbolized by the color.  With green beads, I invoked finances drying UP to hateful groups and individuals, or the very Earth itself defending itself.  Blue beads made me call out for empathy to impress itself upon hardened, hate-filled, fear-flogged minds.  Seeing red, well, that one is rather obvious and easy, no?  Yellow beads made me want clarity and REAL facts to take priority and acceptance.  The colorless fifth, well, I sometimes free-floated there, letting my longing for justice and fairness simply play the “song of my people”.  My people being progressives who don’t want to be fear-flogged into stupid hostility, of course.  My wire choice was silver coated, because YES, I do want the future to be female!  Then, a strand of thin leather, because I DO want to bind my Will to this reality in need of changing.  Over and over…I wired the beads together, speaking of purpose and hope, anger and despair; it was like a meditation that poked fingers and stabbed under fingernails and I mindfully put it ALL into my working.

On the clear beads, the “fifth” that unifies the other four?  My mind wandered to DNA, the map of life; and guanineadeninethymine, and cytosine, the four nucleobases of DNA.  My mind would like to think that equates in some symbolic way to the four elements (hey, I SAID I was wishfully thinking!)  Would guanine be Earth – first isolated from batshit?  Would adenine be Air – since meteorites might have brought it from space/sky and since it has to do with cellular respiration?  Of course, such talk is just an impossible analogy; a would-sure-be-nice metaphor trying to birth itself!  Four elements, four constituents of the map of life?  And so it goes, I completed my Resistance Remnant necklace and hung it round my neck.  With every perception of it there?  I think on how to propagate truth instead of propaganda; facts instead of fear.  I make red-minded phone calls.  I write emotive blue letters.  I keep saying “NO” in capital letters.

I keep my mind together and on the ramparts in the wild waves of an America where too many think “resistance” means saying no to humanist behaviors — like NOT hating people not your skin color, like NOT thinking women are walking wombs instead of full human beings.  In times like this, I muse bitterly; that might be magic enough — since some of my allegedly progressive friends have already stated their intention to “put my head down and wait it out” instead of mounting any resistance, magical or otherwise.  I voted for Hillary, and I stand with Hannah.  Did I mention that the rune of this house is H for hagalaz, because we are always up for the fight, and find the “hard way” is usually our only way?

It would be magic, if America, over all could come to that realization right now!

A Week Tomorrow

hillaryUsually, when life knocks me back, I give myself three days to get up and back in the saddle. Unless it is some long-standing array of revolving hell — like the PTSD crisis that enveloped my life from October 2011 through September 2014, that is usually enough. But November 8th, 2016 was/is a whole new category for me.  It took more than three days to stop feeling crushed.

Who could have guessed that my hopes for America were as shining and yet fragile as that glass bulb I made on a worried Election Day afternoon?  No, I’m not going to diagnose the causes of the failure to win and the thriving of the demagoguery of Donald Trump.  I’m so not making nice with a party and their followers that seem to think the Constitution is a joke and that one party rule is how it should be.

I watched till midnight November 8th and the math in my head was saying, “Well, that is it – we are done.”  I went into a depressed mode of operations.  This included forgetting to eat, being unable to sleep, crying jags, raving and shouting.  Then there were escape-and-evade Netflix binges because one more second of news, one more view of Trump’s face would have sent me over some worse edge.  After the first 48 hours, I was still having trouble with food, but with the change that by early evening I was so starved that I ate any sort of thing I could find quickly.  Nutrition is likely not served by half a bag of sweet potato chips.  There ARE better ways of caring for oneself!

2016-11-13_18345-1Spending most of Saturday at an Amerindian organized march and rally in solidarity with Standing Rock in North Dakota lifted me mostly out of the funk.  I successfully ate a nutritious breakfast without vomiting yesterday.  The house is clean, laundry is done, I remembered to water houseplants.  Life will now go on.  As Thorn Coyle said – Resistance Matters!  But so does taking a bit of recovery time to absorb the shock, process the fear, and find a place where you feel you can be effective.

It is my Monday “off”.  I have a pile of things “uncluttered” to take away.  Then I will go look for blue elderberries — hoping for enough to make mead.  I may decorate a lamp shade with fall leaves.  Life will go on.  The fight to be humane humans will go on.  I’ve taken time to refresh and heal my shattered hopes; now I go on without giving up.  I am going to bloom brightly regardless of season or where I find myself “planted.”