Poetry Month – Fourteen – Steeplechase Part 2

(This is taking longer than I thought….)


Steeplechase – Part Two

Running away where does one turn?

Does it matter if Jesus did live and die?

Another godling of promise or accrused demigod?

Like Horus, Hercules or Dionysus?

Or humane messenger like the Buddha,

Speaking of freedom and love like fair Krishna?

Every love and blood-drenched effort foiled,

Message lost, seduced by power and greed?


Into history’s sheltered darkness I fled,

Apostate, heretic, tear-stained seeker,

Solitary yet never quite alone in the night,

Philosophy was my truest companion,

Lighting my way while illuming abattoirs

Of “faith” to un-school my naive heart,

The warmth grew behind my eyes,

Seemingly an invisible hand pushed me onwards.


I sought what went before the Angry Father,

Or any “one true god” to find the idols,

To dust off the Divine Feminine, She

Shrouded in time like an Afghan child-bride,

I traced the softness that became Mary,

Rediscovered fierceness guarded by lionesses,

Reveled like a maenad with bloodied lips,

Killing, in my dreams, both men and monsters!


Restored to myself and crowned with power,

I danced sword in hand, hair rising!

To a new pinnacle I rose to look about me,

My heart breaking, bleeding at the sight —

Women degraded into forging their own chains,

Upholding the “faith” that enslaves all?

Promised pie in the sky to hide the hell that is now?

God their Father made the Father of Lies!

(More, hopefully an end — tomorrow!)