Tuesday Tarot, Better Late Than Never Edition

My life is scarcely my own…so I am very late getting to this today.  The Minoan Tarot by Laura Perry continues with major cards 9, 10, and 11!

I admit, Major Arcana #9 delights me out of all proportion!  Instead of the Hermit – a card I get quite often in my layouts – I have The Labyrinth!  It seems very appropriate to me, since I am a sort of hermit and do maintain a labyrinth.  The operative phrase here is “I turn inward.”  The Linear B is merely the word for labyrinth.  It is the card about introspection and deep answer seeking.  Reversed, it suggests one is withdrawing to hide, rather than to seek!

#10 Fate, instead of the more usual “Fortune” has the phrase “I move forward” assigned and the Linear B for “spinners”.  While the card still speaks of outer/cosmic forces  and luck/destiny – is reminds me a bit more of the concept of “wyrd”.  You must go through the thing at hand, but you very much decide how to do so.  You have to power to spin your own fate, in other words!  Reversal would speak of being stuck in a rut, frozen, and spinning wheels rather than your fate.

#11 the Strength card in this deck, also impresses with vivid image!  The operative phrase is “I will” and the Linear B inscription means “powerful” — this card reminds you that endurance, and resolved offer the means to succeed by control and master — of the self, first of all.  A reversal of this card portends picking non-existent battles externally when a lack of self-discipline is the real problem.  (Again, yes, that definition brings current events to mind!)

I need to find some quiet to read again — life is super hectic, complete with injuries and aches.