And In The Never Bloody Mind Dept…

Ok, the blog is again public. Really, the readership was never high. I am not interesting enough, inspiring enough…and I am sick of narrowing it even more in the hopes of deeper conversations and meaningful connections.  Those clearly were never meant to be part of the online experience.

Perhaps not profane enough? Since this was my blog of the “deeper” me. The more “introspective me”? The less ranting and screaming me.  Apparently all anyone ever liked WAS my rants and screaming, swearing and flailing.

So be it.  This is still who I am when not going mad over the latest news splashes of mud and worse.

Nobody conversed in private any more (or less) than in public.  So fear of reprisals or harassment from Trumpeteers or radical Christian sorts apparently was not it.  I am merely too boring, too much a hermit, lacking flash or charm.

I am actually pretty good with all of that.  I may or may not post my continued efforts in the Magical Battle of America.  I’m not really the ‘ra ra, sis boom bah’ sort –I find as many things to be a grim realistic kick in the face as not in magical matters.  Thus, I still do mundane activist things.  Those are doubtless boring, too.  Meetings, phone calls, petitions, more phone calls, letters, contributions.  Boring grown up stuff.  I could rename the blog perhaps: Boring Grown Up Pagan Humanist Blog?  Honestly, I crack myself up.


A Bit of Bitchery, Not Witchery

Ok, since I thought perhaps shyness, fear, trepidation was the reason for so little conversation, I made this blog private by invitation only.

Still no conversation. So hey, be honest — if nobody but my grouchy old self is going to talk, just say so and it will be public again faster than the small stupid dog wolves down his food.

Because I frankly don’t give a damn, nor a rats ass, whether anyone dislikes what I am saying!

Deep Breath….

…Not a good week here. Tired, feel like a gut bug of some sort is chewing through me. I know I said that this blog was going to go private at some point, I think I may be about there.

For one thing, there are few readers anyhow; so I’d prefer to feel a bit more protected so I can be a bit more personal. Second, since I expect to go a bit deep-endish in discussions about the Magical Battle of America? I’d rather not have those posts be public.

Doubtless I will feel less unraveled when my gut settles down; but I’m just not feeling the vibe to be all public-spirited this year.  Nor likely for the next four years.  So, who will I list as a “user” on the blog?  I know some of you commented before asking to be listed.  If I had the energy to search out that post it would be better — but I do not.  I will say in advance that I will likely only list folks I actually have known online for some time.  So, no, every current “subscriber” does not get an automatic “in”.

Call me paranoid, but hey, I LIKE it in the dark, ok?  I just prefer to know WHO or WHAT is there in the dark with me!  My last public post may be next Tuesday’s tarot posting.  I do sort of wish WordPress was like Dreamwidth, where I can make some posts private and others public — but I don’t have that option here.

Of course, that brings up the option of moving the private posts TO Dreamwidth to instead?  But how many of those readers who want the private bits want to move to Dreamwidth.  I know, I got bloody sick of playing musical chairs with blogging platforms – so I hate inflicting that option on others.  But it would leave this blog public, if rather rarely written upon.  All the deeper darker and more private stuff could go on an access list on Dreamwidth.

What do you, you few, you bored, you who still read this, think?  Speak now before I turn out the lights and march off to the woods….