Gratitude Project

Yes, as Boneweaver reminds me, it is that time of year again. I am five days behind.  The last five days here have been smoke shrouded and heat-hazed — posting gratitudes is not the only thing I am behind on!

August 1 – I was grateful for the joy of making marmalade.

August 2 – While housebound by my asthma, as our air’s lack of quality rivaled Beijing, I was grateful for a sewing project to occupy and distract me.

August 3 – I was grateful to finish grocery shopping before my cough drove me back indoors.

August 4 – I was grateful for a beautiful cold soup made of plums and beets.

August 5 – I am grateful for spending the entire day making Yule gifts for the German lunch ladies – necklaces for all, all different to reflect their style of dress and colors they like!  Reminding myself of the Yule season to come with cool weather and rain was very good for me in the heat, smoke, and water-deprived time of the year!