In Privacy

Ok, perhaps we need a roll call? I’ve been sending invites for three days and getting very few replies. So I don’t know if anyone jumped into the dark with me or not!

If anyone did, and you have friends you would trust to join us in some (hopefully) temporary paranoia here? Let me know how to contact them with invites.


8 thoughts on “In Privacy

  1. I’m here! thanks for the invite. family is keeping me busy but I look forward to exploring this space and the conversations it engenders. – Ethaisa/Caroline


  2. Thanks for the invitation which is gratefully accepted. I’ve been slow to read of late – work has been all-consuming but retirement is on the horizon at the end of the year. Perhaps then I will find the time to write myself.


  3. I’m here. I don’t tend to say anything if I don’t have anything to add to the conversation. But I’m here in the dark with you. 🙂


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