Voices in the Dark

Keep pouringI’m not the only one appalled, shocked…in truth, I’ve been reeling since October 30th when the Samhain Labyrinth walk felt as if destruction was hanging over us, like the incoming space strike in “Melancholia”.  (No, I don’t find it a “beautiful” movie — it is about the end of the freaking world, that is NOT a beautiful thing.)  I kept telling myself not to be so, well, melancholy.  But damn it, my middle name should be Cassandra — I was right to feel that way.

I’m not the only one — there are more, little brothers and sisters.  A quote from therein:

Here are some of the things it could mean: A conservative Supreme Court for decades, backtracking on climate change, the repeal of Roe v. Wade, curtailment of free speech, loss of medical insurance to millions, tax policy that advantages the wealthy and adds trillions to the national debt, punitive racial policies, the return of torture as a part of the military toolbox, and a president who uses the apparatus of the US to go after his personal enemies. And these are only the things Trump has said he’s ready to do — we don’t know what else he will do when he’s literally the most powerful man on the planet, with a compliant legislature and judiciary.


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