Under Construction – See You In January 2016

CrowmotherI am not an Amerindian; I was so informed by a friend who lived on the reservation with her Caucasian husband and blue-eyed children.  My few drops of native blood, she told me, do not suffice to make me “tribal.”  So be it; I am blue-eyed and blondish, depending on sun exposure in a given year.  So where do I get off titling my blog with something from Amerindian life — “kachinas”?

Well, I am like my favorite pets ever, the thieving ferrets, a bit light-fingered about ideas (but not light-minded) and into mental syncretism.  When an idea lights up something in my head, it tends to stay lit.  I fell in love, almost 40 years ago, first with my husband and second with some native artifacts (kachina dolls) of his home state – New Mexico.

So, even though ever so white?  Having been “awakened” by the first Crow Mother kachina I ever saw? I will mention the kachinas as my inspiration for exploring what my own pale American culture apparently holds holy.  Generally, I may more often speak of those things I consider palpably UNholy….see you in January.  That is, IF I can find the voice I keep losing in despair over my country acting like racist, gutless, spineless brats who keep hailing Donald Trump as if he is Benito Mussolini.