Pic of Day 11 December


Pic of Day – Lucky Toadstools

A memory from early in childhood involves an iconic red and white toadstool.  I had a toy in first or second grade, in Germany – one of these red and white Amanita muscaria forms that opened up as a little house for Smurf dolls.  It would be years before such toys were seen in America – but they were already popular in Europe.  Also, I saw them as icing decorations on holiday cakes, and as decorations.  I was told they were for good luck.

Somehow, ever since my first adult trip back to Germany, in the mid-70’s to Berlin; no winter holiday has been complete without adding these cheery decorations.  Their history in shamanist culture is fairly well established, but I’ve never known anyone who has eaten them for any purpose at all.

I’ve tried to recall if I ever saw one, while walking through the row-perfect pine/fir forests of Germany (row perfect because they were all so replanted after WWII, which left forests basically gone to fuel usage), but my childhood memories are fuzzy at best.  I do recall being given chocolates wrapped in red and white foil mushroom shapes.

In any case, pretty toadstool ornaments of felt, glass, and paper mâché have adorned our Yule trees and windows for most of our married life.  After all, who would pass up a little good luck?

If only a bit of true vision came with it?  I’d send a crate-full to Congress!

Pic of Day – Insomniac Edition

I’ve slept most of the last two days, since I’ve been under the weather. So now I am awake in the darkest of the dark hours.  But I like my house in the dark.  Especially in the holidays when lights brighten my way around!

The star at left?  It is made of wood and the little nightlight bulb shines through very attractively.  We bought it at a little Scandinavian goods store in Leavenworth, Washington many years ago.

Another small wooden design that is one of my favorites is a little wooden tree topped with a broom and decorated with gingerbread men “cookies”.   This year, we actually made something somewhat similar — a wooden tree hung with tiny IKEA gift bags as a Solstice calendar.  Numbered one through twenty – a gift a day that the household takes in turns.

But yes, I am just yearning to make one and put actual cookies upon it!

Pic of Day 6 December

The afternoon sun shone through a clear rosey bulb to light up the wee VW’s windows! The ornament commemorates the first car of our eldest son, the Manchild.

It WAS a beautiful sunny day, yesterday!

It even illuminated the Psychedelic Owl!

Wild Hunting We Shall Go!

Entirely different kinds of hunting hounds, what? A cake to be sold, a vintage coffee percolator, and two bags of “special snowflake ” decorations – all to raise funds for the Democrats to take a retiring Republican’s Congressional seat!

There is more than one way to harry evil doers out of this world!

Pic of Day – Special Snowflakes

I am a bit tired of people on the right calling liberals and progressives like me “special snowflakes”. So I’m taking back the word, so to speak. I – made two dozen special snowflakes handmade handpainted decorations to sell to raise funds to take a Congressional seat for the Democrats of my district!

It seems appropriate for the evening my family celebrates as the evening of the Wild Hunt – when miscreants can expect justice to swoop down upon them in the dark!  Happy Yule!

Pic of Day 4 December

A holiday divergence to sic’ the Flying Monkeys on Congress-critters!  I have to tell my retiring Congressman Dave Reichert that as a former cop, he SHOULD know better than to vote for Concealed Carry Reciprocity — which would level the rules for concealed weapon carrying across ALL FIFTY states to the lowest standard.  I also need to again inform him the alleged tax “relief” won’t be relieving any of MY family members of taxes.  Not that the bastard gives a damn about that, he’s got his, fuck the rest of us.

All Scrooges, every last one of them.